Wrapping up

Congratulations on making it through Hotwired ATS! I hope that you have found this book to be a valuable resource in your developer toolkit. In this book, we started from Rails new and built up, chapter-by-chapter, a modern Rails 7 application with heavy doses of Turbo, Stimulus, CableReady, and StimulusReflex.

I would love to hear from you about your experiences with this book. Has it helped you learn something new? Do you have any suggestions to make the book more valuable? Would you recommend it to your friends and coworkers? Any thoughts or feedback are greatly appreciated! Just send me an email.

Our application, while not ready for commercial use, has valuable patterns and examples that you can use as inspiration for work in real, commercial applications — slideover drawers, interactive charts, commenting, notifications, and search and filtering. Throughout the book, we discussed different paths to achieve the same goal, and compared and contrasted Turbo and CableReady/StimulusReflex to illustrate where the boundaries between these tools might be drawn.

Now that you have finished the book, you should be better equipped to begin using the Hotwire stack, CableReady, and StimulusReflex in your own Rails applications. While we got a chance to work with all of these tools multiple times, we only scratched the surface these tools can provide. To keep learning, you might find these resources helpful:

Great wall of learning resources

  • The Stimulus Handbook and official reference docs.
  • The Turbo Handbook and official reference docs.
  • The Hotwire discussion boards.
  • The patterns discussed on BetterStimulus.
  • Sean Doyle’s Hotwire example Github repository (each branch is an example of a pattern with detailed commits and often a full write up in the readme).
  • The stimulus-use project includes a number of ready-to-go Stimulus controllers which you can use directly or take inspiration from as you think about how to use Stimulus to solve front-end challenges.
  • Joe Masilotti’s monthly Hotwire dev newsletter compiles great Hotwire-focused content into a consumable package.
  • The GoRails Hotwire track.
  • If you are still looking for options to reinforce the basics of Turbo, Hotrails.dev is a great, text-based, free tutorial that walks through the basics at a very manageable pace.
  • If you have budget to spend more on learning and want to focus entirely on Hotwire: I can’t personally vouch for this but the Pragmatic Studio folks have put out a well-reviewed Hotwire Rails course.
  • For more on how to fit CableReady, StimulusReflex, and Hotwire together, this talk is a great resource.